Pleasure talk to, friendly and really listens. Not at all like Bankruptcy lawyers that just want your money. He listens and walks you through every step. Easy to understand advice. Very exceptionally smart and I recommend this attorney to who needs help. I will go to him with all my future legal matters.

Dawn H.

Listened and a exceptional communicator and also respected me as a person. He represented my interest in my case and was never distracted. He's very skilled and extremely knowledgeable. I had two cases and I'm glad I found this lawyer. I recommend him to anybody that has problems like I did.

Jessee W.

This lawyer is the best there is and I'm glad I found him. He does multiple things and helped me with a bankruptcy and divorce for now. I might use him for something else if I need him. I was able to resolve all my issues. I have no regrets in hiring him. He explained everything to me and walked me thru it all and answered my questions. Very knowledgeable and very honest. Recommend this man to anyone!

Anna W.

I've been to other attorney's and all they cared about was how much it was going to be. This guy explains everything in detail and looks at you when explaining not at everything else. Went in for a bankruptcy case and hired him on the spot. He cares more about what"s going on with the case and so easy to talk too! Very intelligent and more like a friend than a lawyer!

Gary H.

I went in for a consultation for a divorce and ended up hiring this attorney. He sure knows what he is talking about. He is very honest and straight forward with everything he's asked. No sugar coating anything like other attorneys. It's up to the proof you have and how good he is!

Don H.

The law offices for Raymond Mitchell is superb. They respect you and they worked on my case as hard as possible to get me the best result possible and the most benefits. They are honest and were realistic and frank with the chances of obtaining various results I asked them about. They answer all my questions and explained how the law is and what the process is and they try to do in in common understandable English. You will not waste you money with this firm.

Brian G.

Mr Mitchell and his very friendly staff took great personal care with our case. One lawyer and two qualified paralegals walked us through a confusing and complicated bankruptcy. We did our part in providing the money we agreed upon and the information needed to file. They immediately went to work for us and had us filed one month from the date of our consultation. Theresa is one of two paralegals in the office. She was friendly, quick and accurate. We talked on a very regular basis while she put the case together. She is more than qualified and very pleasant!! Thank you all so much for helping my family and I get a fresh start! God bless!

Scott G.

I was referred to Attorney Mitchell by a friend. I was skeptical at first but when he started talking I knew he was the lawyer for me. From the moment I met him he was patient, honest and knew what he was talking about when it came to Bankruptcy. I knew up front what steps were being taken and where we were in the process.He was on top of my case and never have to worry about anything! He is a top notch attorney. I would highly recommend him!!

Beatrice R.