Personal Communication & Individual Attention to Protect Your Liberty, Possessions and Rights

In my position as a lawyer, I believe in providing a high-quality and professional service for my clients. As a sole practitioner, I am able to provide my clients with individual attention and communication in their cases. We will keep you informed of all important issues and developments from the initial consultation to the conclusion of your case. We want our clients to make informed and wise decisions for the best future they can have for themselves. My goal is to provide you Freedom, Justice, and Security when you are being attacked by your creditors, the government, or your “ex” former lover, and to preserve your family relationships with your children. Call us Today at (239) 542-2002 for your free Planning Session.

The Law Firm of Raymond Mitchell began in May 2004, initially practicing primarily in the Family Law/Divorce fields and expanding into Bankruptcy chapter 7 & 13 in 2009, while always providing clients legal assistance with Wills & Trusts, Appeals, and Personal Injury, while also offering First Amendment Constitutional Law services and advice in the freedom of religion and speech fields.

I graduated from Regent University School of Law in 1993 in Virginia Beach, Virginia and from Florida Bible College in 1982 in Hollywood, Florida (and I attended Florida State University for my first year of college).

To learn more about my education and experience, I invite you to follow the link provided below.

Contact Cape Coral & Lee County, Florida, attorney Raymond Mitchell at 877-240-7968 to schedule an appointment for your free Planning & Strategy Session*.

* The Planning & Strategy Sessions are free if your case or situation is within the conditions acceptable to us to be free at no charge within the discretion of LFRM. Your case should be not yet filed or near the beginning, or a trial is set and you are seeking an attorney for the trial and want to determine the benefits, costs and feasibility of obtaining an attorney for the trial, and you are not simply obtaining free legal advice and strategy for your own personal use at the trial. We will inform you before the Planning & Strategy Session appointment if we do not believe your situation and case qualify for the free Session. We want to benefit you and ourselves together without us being taken advantage of by someone seeking free legal advice without any desire or chance at all for that one to possibly retain our law firm services. Of course, almost everyone will receive the free Planning & Strategy Session and there is no charge at all once you have received it on the free basis. (We will not try to deceive you and we will not attempt to charge you after you have received the free Planning & Strategy Session and you are not required to obtain our services at all after the free Session.) If you believe we can help and benefit you with our services you are free to obtain our services and sign a retainer agreement, but again you are not obligated to do so.