Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce, Paternity and Family Law

We are a family law & divorce law firm practicing in the areas of divorce, paternity (unmarried child custody-plan) cases, alimony, parent plans/timesharing (custody/visitation), child support, distribution of assets & debts and retirement assets, modifications, relocations, attorney fees, contempt/enforcement, domestic violence cases, and all other aspects of divorce and paternity cases (non-married). Attorney Mitchell has practiced extensively in this area from 2003 to the present.

Dealing with divorce, custody, visitation, timesharing/parent plans and the other issues arising out of the termination of a marriage can be emotionally devastating and often financially draining. Obtaining a quality divorce/family law lawyer to represent you and protect your interests is essential. Family Law cases are very stressful for people when you need financial assistance or you are trying to protect your children. We will help you take the stress and anxiety out of your family case. We also handle paternity cases involving the children of unmarried parents to determine parent plans/custody, timesharing, and child support. We do our best to try to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome that is good for their children and benefits our clients with the least amount of stress possible.

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Please contact us for your Family, Children & Support Planning Session* at (239) 542-2002. At the Planning Session we will discuss and plan your strategy for approximately one hour and you will learn the Florida laws and process regarding your case. The Session is valued at $300 but you can obtain the Session for free, at no cost to you, if you call us and ask us to schedule for you the Planning & Strategy Session.* Then you can better understand the Florida laws and process in your family law case. Call us Today at (239) 542-2002.

Individuals considering filing a family law case will have several questions that need to be answered, including:

  • Does the Father have as much of a chance to have the children live with him more of the time as the Mother does? In Divorce cases? In Paternity cases?
  • What do I need to prove to the Court to obtain a divorce in Florida?
  • How much is child support and how will it be enforced?
  • Will I be able to have alimony so that I can live? Can men obtain alimony?
  • Will I have to pay alimony when the spouse can support herself/himself?
  • Will I be able to get some of my spouses retirement benefits and how?
  • How often will I be able to see my children if the parents live separate?
  • I owned lots of things before we were married and I still have them now. Does the spouse get them?
  • I own a business/corporation that was started during the marriage. How do we divide that up in divorce?
  • Do unmarried people have the Court divide up their assets and debts in a paternity case? If not, is there a way that it can be divided up legally and have the Court enforce it?
  • How can I get the Court to order that I make the important decisions alone for my children since the other parent is a total irresponsible “jerk” and we cannot get along or agree on anything?
  • What is the Parenting Plan and what does it include?
  • What kind of a Timesharing Schedule will I get?
  • Can I move with my children far away to another state or nation without telling the other parent or court?
  • How hard is it to change and modify my prior Court Orders, Parent Plan, Child Support, Alimony, or other issues?
  • He/she is not paying the child support/alimony. How do I get the Court to make them pay it?
  • He/she is not allowing me to see or talk with my children. How do I get the Court to let me be with my children?

Call for our valuable but free Family, Children & Support Planning Session* (valued at $300 but totally free for you) at (239) 542-2002 and I will answer and explain each of these questions with you and make sure you understand the basic ideas, laws, and process of your family law case. I will educate you about how the laws and process work in Florida, how it applies in your situation and your chances of success in obtaining what you want, and what options you may have. We always make sure you are not being ripped of by the other party/parent/spouse and help you fight to receive what you rightfully should have under Florida law. If the other party is being selfish or ignoring the laws or orders of the court we can help you obtain the orders and forces of the Court to make sure the other party will stop the evil actions or face court sanctions or jail until they comply. Call us Now at (239) 542-2002.

* For cases not yet filed or near the beginning of the case in our judgment, or a trial has been set and you are seeking an attorney for the trial in our judgment. See Attorneys for more information.