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Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County Bankruptcy Lawyer

We will help you ELIMINATE your DEBTS and get a FRESH START when you are being financially attacked by your creditors! Bankruptcy can cancel and discharge most or all of your debts and liabilities which will allow you to live in peace and have some security and freedom without fear of poverty or having your next home be under a bridge. When the Debts and Creditors feel like an elephant on your back causing you unnecessary stress call the Law Firm of Raymond Mitchell for an in depth free no charge consultation [about one hour] (valued at $300) to discover how bankruptcy could help you as it applies in your current situation. We will explain the benefits and potential negatives of chapter 7 and 13 and how it applies to you in your situation, the process, and any options and planning strategies you may have in bankruptcy.

I am attorney Raymond Mitchell and we have handled over 200 bankruptcy cases. We treat our clients with respect, dignity, and honor while we fight for the best result possible for you while your debts are cancelled and discharged. We take the time to be sure your case is filed with complete and accurate information, listing all debts and liabilities, and claiming the maximum exemptions you are allowed, thus giving you the best result possible under the laws.

“I care about my clients, and truly care about their welfare by God’s grace. In fact, I view them less like a client and more like a person with a problem I can help solve.”

I provide legal advice and representation to residents of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County and communities throughout Florida in a wide range of legal issues. Follow the links below to learn more about how I can help you.


Guided by a fantastic support staff that includes Carol Trebisovsky and Deborah Rosa, I am confident in the ability of my firm to make you feel valued, at home and relaxed while we fight for you, your assets, and your security. You can count on us to treat each one of our clients with respect, dignity and fairness while we listen to your needs and wishes to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

If you have questions regarding bankruptcy, family law, wills, trusts or appeals in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County, or communities throughout SW Florida, call contact the Law Firm of Raymond Mitchell by e-mail.

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