LOW DOWN-PAYMENT RUSH Bankruptcy- Stop Foreclosure-Garnishment Quick!

FORECLOSURE? GARNISHMENT?– We have a Program so you do NOT have to pay All Attorney Fees and Costs Before you file a Chapter 7 case to QUICKLY stop a Foreclosure case to keep your home or stop a Garnishment to keep your money from your paycheck or bank accounts. You will only need $500 paid in advance before filing the petition in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and that will stop the foreclosure or garnishment with the automatic stay law, the very first day we file the petition. You will still have to obtain a Order of Discharge about 3-4 months later to cancel the debts to stop any future garnishment or foreclosure. (You have to be current on your mortgage payments to keep your house after the bankruptcy is completed or they will probably start the foreclosure again. If you need more time to catch up on the payments if you are far behind you may want to consider a Chapter 13 case, however, we cannot do the small amount down of $500 in a 13 case.) In the $500 down case you will sign a contract with a third party company and pay them the balance of the attorney fees and costs for one year after filing because they will pay us our fees before you pay them for it. It is more expensive in the long run using the small amount down method but good if you need to file quickly and do not have all the fees and costs funds needed to be paid before filing the petition to stop garnishment or foreclosure or stay/stop something else important. We would have to approve your financial situation before we would agree to allow you to use this method of payment. Call us to find out if you can or should file bankruptcy Chapter 7 using this low down method. (239) 542-2002.

Special - $500 Down to File Bankruptcy to Stop Garnishment or Foreclosure

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