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The ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO YOUR BENEFITS IN BANKRUPTCY written by attorney Raymond B. Mitchell.

Discover how Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start in life, and can save your home, cars, and family- in 85 packed pages of information on many subjects and benefits for you with a complete Table of Contents for easy searching.

Learn how Bankruptcy is not evil to do since in the Bible God commanded bankruptcies to occur every 7 years for every person in the entire nation of Israel and God would bless the creditors for cancelling debts and having compassion for people who suddenly find themselves in hard times and circumstances beyond their control !!

Learn how to catch up on Late Home/Car Payments when creditors refuse to let you do so; Strip off 2nd or 3rd mortgage liens from your home; Restore your drivers license; Stop- Lawsuits, Repossessions, Garnishments, and the IRS; Pay off IRS Tax debts without interest of penalties in 3-5 years; Discharge and Cancel IRS Tax debts; and Much Much More!

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Essential Benefits in Bankruptcy Guide

Written by attorney Raymond B. Mitchell, a bankruptcy lawyer!

In the Bankruptcy Guide

Learn How to Stop the Harassing Creditors Collection Calls Before You even File Your Bankruptcy Case! Discover how Bankruptcy Will Stop Lawsuits Dead and all Creditors from Collecting or Calling, even the Sheriff, IRS and Obama!


How Your Credit Score Will Go Up Much Faster After Bankruptcy Than by Trying to Pay All Debts Off. Three Rules You Must Know Before You File and Ruin Your Case!